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About Us

The idea came about after a pleasant drinking session in Bury and plans were put in place within the following week. Unfortunately obstacles started from the outset and planning permission took 12 months to go through instead of the normal 6 weeks, but once this was in place it took only 6 weeks to take the car and the normal garage rubbish out and install a bespoke brewery which complies with all the health and hygiene standards and many others that come with them. This was done with the help of many friends who put in a lot of time and effort and without them this could not have been achieved, we cannot thank them enough.

The brewery was run by Barry Tyson as a hobby to produce some great beers using only the best finest ingredients (we don’t do cheap) the enjoyment is in producing good quaffing ale where drinkers come back for more. For the first six months all the beer produced was sold to the black horse and after many nights sampling and tweaking the recipes we let the beers go out into the market place, of which we have great response and won many awards, especially for Smokey Joe’s Black Beer. The Brewery went from a hobby to a full time career when Barry’s daughter Natalie Tyson began working there. Hopstar went from strength to strength and in 2010 expended into a unit on Grimshaw Street. Natalie now solely runs the brewery as Barry has opened a Brewery Tap in Darwen (Number 39 Bar)



Since the brewery started up in September 2004, we have won a number of awards at Beer Festivals around the country. For an updated list of our awards, please visit our awards page.