In 2004 the idea of Hopstar Brewery came to life inside the single car garage owned by Barry Tyson, a dream became a possibility after many asking how he would ever fit a brewery in there! A small 6 Barrel plant and 2 fermenters were squeezed in to the space slowly turning a hobby into a very busy little project.

In 2008 Barry's daughter Natalie became part of the team, "helping out" quickly turned into a full time job for her and the beers flew out so quick that eventually another 2 fermenters were needed in an expansion to the shed!

This brought on the necessary expansion in 2010 to the 'Big Brewery' on Grimshaw Street in Darwen as Barry's back garden couldnt take much more. In 2010 the main brewing started at the new 10 Barrel plant.

Barry has since moved on to a different project – obviously still ale related – opening Number 39 Hopstar’s Brewery Tap, Bridge Street, Darwen in 2011. They have 4 changing beers available and regular live music.

Natalie and husband Tom now run the brewery together supplying the local area mainly keeping local for deliveries.


We have the ability to put on trips to the brewery and we are very flexible on prices and what we can include. Minimum number of 12 maximum 30, please get in touch for more information.

Where it all began, in Barry's garage

The current brewery since expansion in 2010

A Brief History of Hopstar Brewery